Jersey photographer: a dog photoshoot at home

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself’’

Jersey photographer - dog photoshoot at home

Meet Jess and Milo. 

Jess is an animal lover that has wanted a dog for so long of her own, and now has her beautiful Milo. 

Milo is incredibly loyal, sweet, cuddly and oh so soft. Milo was found left in a carrier bag in a supermarket car park in Northern Ireland. He was rescued, and adopted by Jess three year’s ago. 

Jersey photographer - rescue dog photoshoot

The two are now inseparable. Milo follows Jess wherever she goes. He sleeps in her bed snuggled up to her. And when she goes to school he spends the day searching the whole house for her, until he joyously discovers she is home again and bounds out to greet her. 

Jersey photographer - dog running in garden

For their photoshoot we took most of the images in their garden in the evening sun, where Milo was happiest and could run around off the lead. We then took Milo for a potter along the beautiful lanes of Jersey, that are always quaint and lined with trees. There were plenty of wildflowers blooming by the roadsides that we were able to photograph amongst.  

Jersey photographer - girl and her dog in wildflowers

Being asked to photograph the special bond between children and their pets is always heartwarming, especially when it is a dog that deserves such a loving home, and especially when it is a girl that has so much kindness and love to give. These two are the perfect match for one another. I hope you enjoy looking through their photoshoot. 

With many thanks to Jess and her family for letting me share some of my favourite images from their session. xxx

Jersey photographer - girl and dog in garden swing
Jersey photographer - dog running after girl in garden
Jersey photographer - rescue dog portrait
Jersey photographer - girl walking her dog in field
Jersey photographer - dog looking up at girl
Jersey photographer - dog photoshoot in daisies
Jersey photographer - girl and her dog on the lawn
Jersey photographer - girl and her dog in garden swing
Jersey photographer - girl lying on blanket with her dog
Jersey photographer - girl carrying her dog
Jersey photographer - girl cuddling her dog in wildflowers

If you would like a photoshoot of your child and their pet, I would be honoured to capture their special bond for you.