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about me

I run my photography business inbetween being a mum to two beautiful children, Seren and Jack, and chasing after our lovely spaniel, Willow. Together with my best friend Gareth, my husband, we are lucky to call Jersey in the Channel Islands home. 

I get butterflies in my tummy when telling people I'm a photographer - I love my job, and taking photographs reminds me how precious, fleeting and beautiful life is. It’s more than a job for me, it’s a privilege. I put tremendous care and dedication into the session planning, the photoshoot and the editing afterwards to ensure you get something beautifully real that will stand the test of time.


My style

I am a self-taught photographer with a background in nature conservation so I am passionate about the outdoors and our connection to it. I love capturing the simple sweetness of the everyday. My photographs are taken using natural light only because of its gorgeous soft quality and how it changes through the day and seasons. Back-lit, ethereal-like golden hour images make my heart sing. I work with the stunning colours and details of nature to capture emotive and authentic pictures of real family connections. No posing or forced smiles. Occasionally I might give some gentle direction to make sure everyone is in that beautiful shaft of light. But mostly I will stand back and observe - the most authentic photographs are those taken when you think no-one is looking.


My approach

My outdoor sessions are relaxed and playful - you should leave feeling like you’ve been for a walk with a friend with a bit of silliness thrown in. Being a mother and dog-owner myself, I have no problem rolling around in leaves, climbing trees and getting sandy from the beach so that we can have some fun and get the shot. My indoor sessions with babies are warm, cosy and a time to pause and take it all in. To get the most authentic photographs I know how important it is to giggle with a toddler so that they can overcome their camera shyness, or to be patient and calm when a newborn needs a feed and a cuddle, or to gently play with a dog so that they trust me.