Jersey photographer: a tale of two remarkable friends

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This is the tale of two remarkable friends, Poppy and Pampero.

Jersey photographer - girl holding horse at sunset

At 12 years old, Poppy is beautiful, has the most impressive hair I have ever seen and is incredibly passionate about horses. Poppy has autism which can make it difficult to bond with others - it can be hard to make eye contact, communicate what you are feeling, and express yourself to those you care about. Horses can be an amazing way for those with autism to experience physical communication and an emotional, healing bond. Through caring for the horse by brushing them and hugging them, a special emotional bridge is constructed. This strong bond can do wonders to help social and communication skills blossom. Seeing how the normally shy Poppy simply shone when she was with Pampero was incredible - on her photoshoot she was happy, relaxed and let me take the most beautifully natural shots of the two of them. She was stunning to photograph, a joy to be around and amazing with her horse Pampero.

Jersey photographer - girl leaning into horse

At 11 years old, Pampero is a rescue horse from the Spanish bull ring. The barbaric ‘sport’ of bull-fighting involves two majestic animals: bulls and horses. While the bulls are guaranteed to die, the future of the horses is often not much brighter. It is not uncommon for horses to suffer bull horn wounds, or to be killed.

Jersey photographer - girl looking up to horse on beach

Pampero was rescued and taken into the care of Poppy’s family in Jersey two years ago. He was nervous, in very poor condition, and his body was littered with deep scars from his wounds. With great time and patience, Poppy and her mother, together with a farrier (who specialises in hoof care) and physio, have gently nurtured Pampero back to health. I was very touched by some of the things they did, such as planting lavender around his field to promote calmness. He is however still terrified of cows, especially black ones, and if anyone throws a blanket or likewise in the air he will bolt. As a stunning and incredibly powerful horse, he was visibly calm in the presence of Poppy.

Jersey photographer  - rescue horse photoshoot

Before the photoshoot I spent time with Poppy and Pampero to ensure they were both happy being around me, and so that we could capture them at their most relaxed. And during the photoshoot we built in extra time to ensure Pampero was settled before we began shooting - Poppy and her mother were so tender and gentle with him. It was a complete privilege for me to witness how Poppy came alive when she was with Pampero, and how unbelievably loved Pampero is today, considering the terrible cruelty he had previously experienced.

Jersey photographer - girl laughing with horse

I hope you enjoy looking through their photoshoot that they have so kindly let me share, together with their story. It was certainly one of the most humbling and emotional photoshoots I have ever undertaken as a photographer in Jersey. Even editing the images brought a lump to my throat as the pictures are so emotive and the bond between them is plain to see - I just hope I have done these two beautiful friends justice. xxx

Jersey photographer - rescue horse and girl in forest
Jersey photographer - girl and horse eyes
Jersey photographer - girl and horse skipping on beach
Jersey photographer - girl on forest swing next to horse
Jersey photographer - girl kissing horse
Jersey photographer - girl and horse in sunlit forest path
Jersey photographer - autistic girl laughing with her horse
Jersey photographer  - girl and rescue horse walking at the beach
Jersey photographer - portrait of rescue horse
Jersey photographer - girl on horse at Ouaisne Bay
Jersey photographer - girl kissing her rescue horse
Jersey photographer - girl riding white horse at Ouaisne Bay
Jersey photographer - girl and horse in sunset forest
Jersey photographer - girl holding her horse close
Jersey photographer - girl and horse walking through forest at Noirmont
Jersey photographer - girl gently holding her horse at Ouaisne Bay
Jersey photographer - girl lying on tree next to horse
Jersey photographer - girl smiling at horse in Noirmont forest
Jersey photographer - sunset light catching horse tail
Jersey photographer  - girl relaxing with her horse during photoshoot
Jersey photographer - girl running alongside horse at St Brelades
Jersey photographer - girl looking up at her horse in forest
Jersey photographer - equine photoshoot at Ouaisne Bay
Jersey photographer - girl leaning into horse
Jersey photographer  - girl and horse riding into sunset

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