Jersey photographer: a sunset surfer photoshoot

‘Thalassophile: (n.) a lover of the sea’

Jersey photographer: boy looking through surfboard

It’s hard to grow up in Jersey and not have a deep sense of belonging and love for the sea - whether you are surfing, paddleboarding, swimming, canoeing, diving, kite-surfing, coasteering, fishing or simply walking alongside it. Children here grow up with salt in their hair, sand in their toes, and sunsets in their eyes. I can’t imagine a better natural adventure playground.

Jersey photographer: boy and surfboard at St Ouens

As a Jersey photographer, having the opportunity to photograph two boys - Oscar and Theo - that have grown up here and have the ocean firmly in their hearts was amazing. At such a tender age they are already both incredibly talented surfers, heading out regularly with their father who teaches them his passion for surfing and the ocean.

Jersey photographer - boy holding surfboard

We lucked out with a warm and bright summer’s evening for their photoshoot at the surfing spot ‘chicken wire’ on the west coast, a favourite haunt of theirs. They brought along their awesome pup - Twiglet - with them, too. It was quite blustery for surfing, so we focused on shots of them on the beach with their boards, and had a bit of fun with silhouette jumps when the sun was sinking.

Jersey photographer - pup on surfboard at sunset

I hope you love looking through the images of these handsome, happy little surf dudes; they really did look so at home on the beach. You’ll spot one image of their dad too - it was too good not to include! My thanks to their family for letting me share their images. Xxx

Jersey photographer - boy watching surf at St Ouens
Jersey photographer - boy holding surfboard
Jersey photographer - boy jumping over surfboard at sunset
Jersey photographer - boy paddling out to surf
Jersey photographer - boy on walkway to beach to surf
Jersey photographer - boy watching sets at St Ouens
Jersey photographer - surfer at sunset at St Ouens
Jersey photographer - pup on beach at St Ouens
Jersey photographer - boy posing with board
Jersey photographer - boy splashing in waves with board
Jersey photographer - boy attaching surfboard leash
Jersey photographer  - surfer boy holding pup
Jersey photographer - surfer boy posing at sunset
Jersey photographer - surfing brothers at St Ouens
Jersey photographer - boy looking at surf waves
Jersey photographer - fun surfer session at St Ouens
Jersey photographer - boy leaping over surfboard
Jersey photographer - pup balancing on surfboard
Jersey photographer - boy with surfboard on back
Jersey photographer - boy carrying surfboard down steps
Jersey photographer - surfer boy smiling with board
Jersey photographer - surfer boy heading into sunset
Jersey photographer - surfer boy cuddling dog
Jersey photographer - surfer boy leaping high at sunset

If you would like some images of your little surfers I would love to hear from you.