Jersey photographer: a family photoshoot at Grantez headland

Grantez headland in Jersey is an absolute gem of a spot. It’s a wild and atmospheric area of maritime heathland above St Ouen’s bay, with gorgeous pine trees that look like they have weathered many storms, and sweeping views down to L’Etacq. The site is owned by the National Trust, and I’m told they hold amazing sunset concerts at this spot in July, which I am determined to see this year.

As a family photographer that has recently moved to Jersey, I’d never come across Grantez headland until Jess and Matt suggested it for their photoshoot with their three boys. Having lived on the island all his life, I was so grateful to Matt for his local knowledge in sharing this spot with me. I really am spoilt for choice on this island!

Jess and Matt had not had any professional photos taken since their wedding, and now had three gorgeous blonde little boys in tow. So we set out to capture a fun-filled and natural photoshoot with the three boys doing what they do best - charging around in the outdoors :-)

On the day of the photoshoot Mother Nature gave us a bit of a surprise with seriously dark skies and 46mph winds rather than the sunset we had expected. The family however, being lovers of the outdoors, were not deterred. We had to work quickly in the fading light, and in the end captured some windswept shots that are quite different to the norm, but which I think are dynamic and fun!

I fell a little bit in love with this family - their passion for Jersey, their sense of adventure and their handsome little ‘wildlings’. With thanks to them for letting me share my work.

Jersey photographer - family photoshoot at Grantez
Jersey photographer - boy in maritime healthland
Jersey photographer - dad holding boy on wall
Jersey photographer - boy playing at Grantez in storm
Jersey photographer - boy in dad's arms in storm
Jersey photographer - mum and boy in storm
Jersey photographer - baby balancing on wall at Grantez
Jersey photographer - family taking in view at Grantez
Jersey photographer - boy holding a sweet
Jersey photographer - boy balancing on wall with dad at Grantez
Jersey photographer - three boys sheltering at Grantez
Jersey photographer - mum and dad at Grantez
Jersey photographer - dad throwing boy into air at Grantez
Jersey photographer - boy covering Dad's eyes at Grantez
Jersey photographer - boy running at Grantez
Jersey photographer - family cuddle at Grantez
Jersey photographer - boy being held in storm by Dad
Jersey photographer - boy being cuddled by Dad at Grantez
Jersey photographer - boy playing in the wind at Grantez

If you have a favourite spot in Jersey you love to visit with your family, and would like one of your adventures there captured, I would love to hear from you!