Jersey photographer: a family photoshoot at Queen’s Valley Reservoir

Autumn is a great time in Jersey to step away from the coast and explore the rich colours inland. Queen’s Valley Reservoir, in the east of Jersey, is a great place for a quiet wander amongst tree-filled pathways that skirt the waterside.

As a Jersey-based family photographer, I look for locations in the autumn that offer beautiful colours, let enough of the lovely low sunlight through, have plenty of leaf cover underfoot, and are easily accessible. Queen’s Valley Reservoir ticked all these boxes for my photoshoot with the Pomroy family.

We met on a beautiful sunny day in October. However, when I arrived at the location (after scouting it the day before), I discovered that some very tidy person had swept up ALL the leaves and cleared them away. Yikes! So I leapt into action and sprinted around the reservoir with a plastic carrier bag collecting as many leaves as I could find before my clients arrived. Luckily I found enough to make a decent few handfuls for throwing, phew! … who says you can’t bring autumn to the client!

I hope you enjoy looking through these golden lit images of this lovely family - it was a special time to capture them with a recent addition to the family. I just love how affectionate the siblings are with their new baby sister - an absolute joy to capture.

With thanks to the Pomroy family for letting me share my work. xxx

Jersey photographer - siblings throwing leaves
Jersey photographer - baby in her sister's arms
Jersey photographer - baby on Mum's lap at sunset
Jersey photographer - family at Queen's Valley Reservoir
Jersey photographer - girl peeping through leaf
Jersey photographer - baby in Dad's arms
Jersey photographer - blue-eyed boy in autumn
Jersey photographer - siblings cuddling new baby sister
Jersey photographer - girl standing in autumn sunlight
Jersey photographer - girl about to throw leaves
Jersey photographer - brother and sister leaf fight
Jersey photographer - girl's boots in leaves
Jersey photographer - mother and daughter in light beam
Jersey photographer - baby girl in Dad's arms in autumn
Jersey photographer - girl jumping in autumn light
Jersey photographer - sister laughing with new baby
Jersey photographer - girl running at Queen's Valley Reservoir
Jersey photographer - portrait of parents
Jersey photographer - mum cradling baby in autumn

If you would like to book in for a photoshoot at one of Jersey’s inland beauty spots, I’d love to hear from you.