Jersey photographer: a family photoshoot by the river

We moved to Jersey from the UK at the end of the summer of 2018. As a family photographer, my last few months before we moved to Jersey were crazy busy with family photoshoots, as families booked me before we left. I’m so glad I made the time to squeeze in this final photoshoot days before we moved to Jersey, as it ended up being one of my favourite family photoshoots of the whole year!

Louise, Scott, and their daughters - Isabella and Amelia - were blessed with a warm summer’s evening for their photoshoot. The girls had beautiful braids in their hair and outfit changes, and I had asked them to bring little fishing nets for the river if they had them. Louise and Scott had also brought along the girls’ favourite tunes to dance to from The Greatest Showman, to play during some parts of the session. They let me know that the girls loved fairies (we looked for them in the trees), bubbles (we caught lots) and dancing (which we did barefoot in the river!). Louise was a little worried that the girls might be shy in front of the camera - certainly little Amelia was at first and didn’t want her picture taken - but after we cracked out some tunes from The Greatest Showman and encouraged them to splash in the river, the camera was soon forgotten and we had a fab time!

I hope you love pouring over this beautiful summery gallery; I have purposefully shared a lot of images as it was IMPOSSIBLE to choose just a handful. I love them all.

I had a lovely email from Louise when they received their gallery:

“All I can say is a big WOW, we absolutely love them all!! I had a little tear they are so beautiful and you have captured us so well as a family. I so wish we had you as our photographer at our wedding!! We most certainly want to purchase them all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

With thanks to this awesome little family for letting me share my work xxx

Jersey photographer - girls dancing in river
Jersey photographer - girl playing in sand
Jersey photographer - girl in playground
Jersey photographer - girl looking for fairies in river
Jersey photographer - family running in sunset
Jersey photographer - sisters on swing
Jersey photographer - girl catching bubbles
Jersey photographer - girl jumping in stream
Jersey photographer - parents and girl cuddling in stream
Jersey photographer - girl in playground tunnel
Jersey photographer - girl holding daddy's hand
Jersey photographer - portrait of girl in park
Jersey photographer - family with ducks at sunset
Jersey photographer - sisters dancing in river
Jersey photographer - girl in dappled sunlight
Jersey photographer - sisters playing in park
Jersey photographer - summer portrait of girl
Jersey photographer - girl on swing
Jersey photographer - girl holding bubble
Jersey photographer - portrait of girl on climbing frame
Jersey photographer - girl flying in Daddy's arms
Jersey photographer - family cuddle at park
Jersey photographer - girl fishing in stream
Jersey photographer - mother and daughter in flowers
Jersey photographer - sister's embrace in park
Jersey photographer - girl laughing on rope swing

If you have camera shy kids that need a bit of silliness to help them forget the camera is there, I would love to hear from you.