Jersey photographer: a family playground photoshoot

Playground photoshoots are becoming a new favourite of mine - they provide interesting structures to shoot through for photo compositions. But more than that, they instantly bring out a playful and relaxed side to children that is lovely to photograph. I like to choose a playground that is within a country park or has another natural feature such as a stream or forest close to it, so that we can also get some whole family pictures with my classic nature backgrounds too.

A playground was the perfect backdrop for Alfie’s photoshoot with his family, as he was a little camera shy. We spent most of the photoshoot climbing up the playground structures together (yes, I had to be a bit nimble with the heavy camera!), and got some lovely portraits of him as he paused on the equipment. He was such a sweet and gentle boy to photograph :-)

I also couldn’t resist a ‘Jurassic Park’ style shot in the stream, as he was wearing a T-Rex t-shirt!

Jersey photographer - playground boy.jpg
Jersey photographer - boy on monkey bars
Jersey photographer - family cuddle
Jersey photographer - boy in playground
Jersey photographer - boy in stream
Jersey photographer - boy climbing
Jersey photographer - family giggles
Jersey photographer - boy in playground

If you live in Jersey and would like a photoshoot that combines a playground, then I would love to hear from you!