Jersey photographer: a farmland family photoshoot

As a family and pet photographer in Jersey, I am always on the lookout for new locations, and photoshoots in farmland are a favourite of mine. The different crops provide wonderful backgrounds for texture and colour, and the verges of the fields give nice spaces to photograph in with tree fringes and lots of lovely open light. The little alleyways through the crops also provide the perfect race lines for kids, and for family photos that give the illusion of being submersed in the crop but without treading on any.

Jersey photographer - family photoshoot in cornfield

I met Martha, Stephen and their two energetic kids, Matilda and Daniel, in the early evening for a family photoshoot in mid-summer. The kids were bursting with energy, so I knew races down the cornfield alleys were going to be our first stop! We then proceeded to play hide-and-seek in the linseed oil flower fields, before finishing up in the nearby woods for a Gruffalo hunt as it was getting dark.

Jersey photographer: girl running in cornfield
Jersey photographer - siblings hugging in cornfield
Jersey photographer - family in meadow
Jersey photographer - girl hiding in cornfield
Jersey photographer - family in meadow
Jersey photographer - family swinging kids

If your kids have had a great time with me by the end of the photoshoot then to be honest that is as important to me as getting lovely photos. If they are happy then their true personalities will shine through in the photos, and they are more likely to look forward to another photoshoot in future if you’d like to make this a regular thing!

Jersey photographer - boy playing peek-a-boo
Jersey photographer - looking for Gruffaloes in the forest

If you’d like me to capture your fun-filled family I would love to hear from you. Check out my family portfolio and pricing page for further information.

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