Jersey photographer: why choose a 'baby at home’ newborn session?

My ‘baby at home’ sessions are a wonderful way to capture memories of a new baby’s earliest days at home. These newborn sessions are relaxed and free flowing; the focus is very much on simplicity, connection and storytelling.

Below are my reasons why I love photographing these relaxed newborn sessions, and why my clients Jersey in the Channel Islands choose them. 


Let me come to you in the comfort of your home in Jersey. No need for the hassle of packing your bags and driving to a studio, especially when you are adjusting to your new little night owl and recovering from birth. I remember spending most of the first week after having my children in a dressing gown! It’s nice to keep things simple and stress-free. You’ll have everything you need at hand too - nappies, muslins, snacks, and extra wardrobe changes. 

Newborn at home on bed
Mother kissing newborn at home

Siblings & pets

Being at home means it’s also super easy to include siblings and family pets in the photographs. When at home a newly promoted big brother or sister is happy pottering around in their familiar environment; they can come and go, take breaks, play with their toys - all in their own time and in a relaxed manner. This makes it perfect for taking candid photographs of them. 

Brother on bed at home
Brother with baby at home


My sessions will follow your baby’s lead, and tell your everyday story. Whether they want to sleep, look around them, have a feed, need changing, or want a cuddle. A happy baby will mean relaxed and natural photographs. 

Newborn with eyes open on bed
Newborn in mother's arms

All the feels

My sessions are very un-posed and focus on what it feels like to have a newborn, rather than what it looks like. I will focus on capturing the emotional connection between your new baby and family. It is so incredibly beautiful!

Mother kissing newborn in bedroom
Newborn yawning in mother's arms

Homely & unique

With your home in Jersey as the backdrop, the images will be unique. This is their first home, and someday you might move. We can capture the little details in the nursery that you have decorated, the blanket that grandma knitted or their first teddy bear. 

I mainly work in the living room, bedroom, and nursery as these are usually where the light is best. Don’t worry if the house is untidy (that means you are doing a great job looking after your baby!). It is amazing what you can capture in a small pocket of a home with a bit of lovely natural light. We can even head out into the garden!

Family on bed with newborn
Newborn in hand knitted blanket


‘Baby at home’ sessions offer very flexible timing when it comes to the age of your baby. If you would like photos of your new baby at their tiniest and sleepiest, then it’s best to capture your baby in the first 5-10 days. I ask parents to book with me before baby is due, and I hold two tentative dates around your due date. However, if you’re happy with more awake, interactive images of your new baby, a session can take place anytime in the first 3 months. 

Newborn with baby bunny on bed
Newborn awake with bunny on bed

And finally, it is such a privilege to be invited into a family’s home to photograph such a unique, humbling and wonderful time in your lives. As a mother of two I know only too well how fast these days disappear, and how one day, you will look back in wonder at how tiny your baby once was.

If you are expecting a baby and would like to chat about booking a newborn session, I would love to hear from you.