Mother's Day: beautifully unique gift ideas

Mother’s Day is nearly here; if you haven’t yet bought a gift for the mum in your life, then here is some inspiration.

There is nothing wrong with a box of chocolates, bunch of flowers or breakfast in bed - they are totally lovely. However, there are gifts that mums occasionally receive that just blow their socks off. They are not always the gifts that cost the earth, but they are the gifts that mean the most.

I’ve compiled a selection of seven gift ideas which will be affordable, meaningful, and loved by your mum, your grandmother or your partner. All of these I feel are a little bit different to the norm. You can purchase all of these gifts from the warmth of your own home, without having to venture out. Most of these gifts are also produced by small businesses, and supporting these is always a lovely thing to do. My test for including things in this blog post was ‘would I like to receive it as a mum?’ If the answer was ‘yes’, then it made the cut!

A family photography session

Jersey photographer: Mother's Day gift idea for photoshoot

As a family photographer in Jersey, I am super passionate about this gift idea, so had to include it. As a mum, I am so rarely in photographs with my children. To me this gift is therefore so very meaningful, special and timeless. I run very relaxed photoshoots that feel more like a walk with a friend, and create emotive and stunning family photographs set against the background of Jersey’s beautiful natural landscape.

Vouchers are available on my website either for a mini Motherhood photoshoot for £50, or a full family session. Mini Motherhood sessions are just for mum and the kids, last 30 minutes and are on set dates and locations. Full family photoshoots run differently, so why not get the whole family together with me for 2 hours to capture your memories; this can take place in a location of your choice in Jersey. For examples of my full family sessions, please check out my blog page.

A personalised book from her child

Jersey photographer: book for Mother's Day

Celebrate the reasons your child loves their mummy with this lovely personalised story book. It is printed with your child’s name as the author and illustrated with gorgeous illustrations of woodland creatures - the book covers ten reasons why mummy is loved, and can be personalised with your favourite games, places to visit, favourite story, and so on. This is guaranteed to make mummy well up! It costs £20 and ships to Jersey in 5-7 days. You can buy it here.

A personalised family cushion

Jersey photographer: Mother's Day gift idea cushion

A personalised family bear cushion by Heather Alstead. Family AND cushion? Yes please! This ships to Jersey in 2-5 working days, retails at £22 and you can buy it here.

Flowers she can see again and again

Jersey photographer: Mother's day gift idea of garden membership

Instead of simply buying your mum flowers, why not plan a trip to one of Jersey’s gardens or buy her membership to the gardens. She can then see flowers blooming all year long and enjoy them with her family.

Membership to Samares Manor (open from April onwards) is only £25 per person for a year, or you could plan a trip to the Eric Young’s Orchid Foundation which is open all year round to enjoy these elegant blooms.

Buy her an adventure

Jersey photographer: Mother's Day gift idea - Jersey Seafaris

Mums are normally too busy with day-to-day life to book themselves onto adventures. Make her feel young and free again by buying her a gift voucher for some thrills in the fresh sea air! Choose from sea kayaking or guided walks on the seabed to Seymour Tower with Jersey Kayak Adventures , with gift vouchers starting from £16. Alternatively, consider being whisked out to the beautiful offshore islands of Les Ecrehous or Les Minquiers with Jersey Seafaris , with vouchers starting from £30.

Gift her a little piece of the seaside

Jersey Photographer: Lisa Le Borcq jewellery gift idea

Lisa Le Brocq Jewellery Design is a jewellery designer based in Jersey that creates beautiful collections inspired by natural forms and objects, such as shells and sea creatures, flowers and leaves. Her stunning work has become well known and I can see why. Her ‘beachlife’ pendants are perfect for your seaside loving mum!

Little favours in a jar

Jersey photographer: favours in a jar

This is an easy present to put together, and keeps giving for quite a while. Write little ‘I owe you’ notes with things that your mum would like to receive (either from the kids, or dad). For example, I owe you a relaxing bubbly bath with wine; I owe you a date night out; I owe you a day without the kids; I owe you a foot massage; I owe you a full house clean. Put them all in a little mason jar, and then she can take them out and ‘claim them’ when she is ready for her little treats throughout the year :-)

I do hope this has given you some ideas to make your mum feel extra loved on Mother’s Day. xxx