Jersey family photographer: a sunset photoshoot at St Ouen's dunes

As a family photographer that has recently moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands, I was so very lucky to meet the Ogborn’s for my first family photoshoot here. Not only were they the nicest and most beautiful family inside and out, but they spent most of the photoshoot telling me all about their favourite spots on the island and tips for us as a family having just moved here. Folks in Jersey are soooooo nice.

It was also the first sunset I had seen on the island (I know, I know… kids bedtime makes it tricky!), and WOW I could not believe how stunning it was. Beautiful burnt orange colours flooding my lens.

The sand dunes at St Ouen in Jersey are a gorgeous spot for a family photoshoot, as the sunsets there are spectacular, the grasses on the dunes make for beautiful soft backgrounds, and kids relax easily in front of the camera as they love playing in the sand.

It’s impossible to share just a few from this session, so instead I will share a lot! With thanks to this wonderful family for letting me share my work - they’ve since become great friends to us xxx

Jersey photographer - family at St Ouens
Jersey photographer - St Ouen's family photoshoot
Jersey photographer - baby at sand dunes with parents
Jersey photographer - father and sons playing in sand dunes
Jersey photographer - mum swinging son in sunset
Jersey photographer - blue-eyed boy in sand dunes
Jersey photographer - mother and baby at St Ouen's dunes
Jersey photographer - boy playing with sand at St Ouens
Jersey photographer - mother and sun in sunset dunes
Jersey photographer - family photoshoot in St Ouen's sand dunes
Jersey photographer - father and sons running down St Ouen's dunes
Jersey photographer - father kissing baby at sunset
Jersey photographer - couple at St Ouen's sunset
Jersey photographer - boy at St Ouen's sand dune sunset
Jersey photographer - sunset family photoshoot at St Ouen's
Jersey photographer - children in father's arms at sand dunes
Jersey photographer - family walking into St Ouen's sunset

If you’d like to book a family photoshoot like this in Jersey, or gift a photoshoot like this to a family you know, I would love to hear from you!